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“Moonless Night”

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Is a Moonless Night still a night,

or is it something more?

Will a day pass by in a hurried flight,

or will it not arrive at all?

Will a moonlace bloom elegantly?

Will a nightingale sing an aria?

Might a poet loose his sultry muse,

and dissolve into nothing of use?

Will the sun become an only child?

Will the stars lose their mother too?

Can the vicious wolves , free and wild,

howl at something in the sky’s dark hue?

Will a lover capture a woman’s heart

without a promise so bold and brave?

Can a phantom find peace and serenity

whilst sulking in his own cold grave?
Will a child find his way through the dark

without her guiding light?

Hopeless things might really happen

in such a Moonless Night.


“To Decipher my Love”

How every line has one thing to hold:

the first, then the last until it is done.

Appease if you might my troubled mind

of a never-ending theatrical improv.

Excuse my words, if you will.

A nonsensical conjugation,

lost of all rationality,

but with such harmonious musicality.

Keen eyes one must possess —

telescopic oculi.

So vibrant and powerful

to solve what my heart hides.

Oh! once an angel of mine,

why torment my heart to rid off?

Delude one’s senses of reality

and into my realm immerse.

Attain the poison which kills me so.

To decipher what my heart

hesitates to show.

“Sapphire Soul”


Jewel —

Precious beauty who so willingly

delve into thy soul. Ancient wonder

of the past, who reluctantly

gave into tempting Greed.

Encased deity of cerulean sky,

will you whisper why

be persuaded by Need?

Captivated —

Lustrous skin shining

in the light of dawn,

seize the core of Satan’s Spawn.

Alleviated from selfish days,

choose simpler ways

to glimmer in darkness.

Illuminate —

Soul embedded in crystal domains,

where social faux pas reigns,

shed thy flesh of outward bond

and behold an isolated land —

where gems and golds stay humane.

“Rigor Mortis”

WARNING: (Not for the faint of heart)

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“What a lovely moon tonight.”

The atmosphere is calm and serene. It’s as if everyone in town is sleeping… except me. I’m a very busy man. Got a lot of stuff to do. I just went to the market to buy something… essential. Now I’m driving my black SUV, heading home where I could relax a bit and get working on my project. Something caught my eye. A piece of paper, pinned to a nearby post, the word “MISSING” is boldly printed below. A picture of a face is shown almost covering the whole paper. Then I saw it again… then again… and again… As I was driving many more pieces of paper with different faces were posted on every lamp post, bench, wall, and tree I pass by. I’ve never known these missing people… and yet they seem vaguely familiar… as if from a nightmare or something. “Where could they have possibly gone to?” 

Then I saw it. Another piece of paper, this time with a face I knew. A girl I saw a few days ago. She was coming home from school. 18 years of age, very beautiful. She was so care-free like she’s got no problem at all. What a silly character she was. She looked very… interesting. I finally got home after a very long trip from town. My house was built in the middle of a forest with just a narrow path leading to it. I’ve lived in this house when I was a child and since then, I never left. “If only my parents could see me now.” I sighed. “They would be so proud.”

I opened the door and went inside. Carrying a very heavy bag of… supplies for my project, I slowly went down to the basement. Now my basement was quite huge. It is where I kept all of my projects. I turned on the only source of light which was a fluorescent lamp in the ceiling. “Good evening.” I greeted. She was lying on a stretcher. “I saw your picture on a flyer on the way here. Your parents must be worried.” It was the same girl I saw just a few days ago.  She was tied to the stretcher, her mouth gagged, and she was struggling very hard. Her breath is very visible because of the cold temperature in the basement. “Sshh. Don’t strain yourself. I know it’s cold. I need it to be cold in here or else they will be angry.”  I pointed to another room where my “projects” were kept. Her eyes widened and she thrashed more and more. I was forced to give her the needle. She thrashed and accidentally scratched my hand. I injected her and the heavy breathing faded into…


I enjoy working in peace. I got to work. I tore off all her clothes and cleaned her with soap and water. “Pallor Mortis” The first stage of death kicked in. Her skin became paler by the minute. I better hurry up. I retrieved the supply I bought and hooked it up to the machine. The container slid smoothly into the embalming mechanism.

“Algor Mortis” The second stage was now taking effect. Her body temperature dropped quickly. Her body became colder as if made from ice. I have to finish the process before the third stage kicks in! I felt a tingling sensation as I punctured a wound through the girl’s stomach. Turning the machine on, I smirked as I saw all those blood sucked out from her body into the machine. Afterwards, all the blood was sucked out and replaced by the “formaldehyde” (embalming liquid). The wound was also cleaned. Faster!… I brought out some clothes I got from the market. A new and clean uniform for my new friend. I dressed her body and untied her from the bed and positioned her body to a stand I made a few days ago. I raised her right hand to assume a waving position. I then put her other hand at her back and scrunched up her face only a little so it looks like she was smiling… very beautiful.

Rigor Mortis Finally, the third stage took effect. Her body grew stiff. It hardened until it looked like she was a wax figure from a museum… A masterpiece! I carried her to the other room to meet her new friends. I entered and realize that these “projects” were also the ones I saw earlier posted everywhere. “Meet your new friends.” I told her. Now she has many new friends: one is a doctor, the other a lawyer, a carpenter, a soccer player, a boy playing a flute, a lady teacher, an actor, a plumber. She even got a dog to be her pet. Now she was also my new friend. “You will be so happy here.” I turned off the lights and left the basement, the tingly sensation now wearing off and making me drowsy. I looked outside the night sky through the window…..

Quietness… Peace…

“What a lovely moon tonight.”

” … “

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Hundreds of different eyes.

Lonely eyes. Sad, unaware, confused, misty, murderous, spiteful, devilish eyes. Empty eyes. All of them staring right at me. They seem to be looking through my very soul, penetrating my inmost being with every look of disgust, hatred, and hopelessness, asking without a hint of irony: “Why?”. Each pair once belonged to a person. A victim. A victim of my insatiable curiosity. A lustful musing on the unanswered. “What happens after?”

The first pair came from a drunk man in the streets. As I slashed his throat mercilessly. All the blood dripping from that irreversible wound, a metallic tang of aroma coupled with the sulfurous stench from the alcohol. As I held his body tightly and listened to his moan of pain. Drenched in his blood, sheathing the very knife I used to kill him, I looked straight into his eyes. Those confused black eyes seem to mock me, as if they didn’t know what’s happening. But the truth is it was in front of him – in plain sight. He was dying. I stood, waiting for something. Something seemingly incomprehensible. Something to fulfill my unanswered wish – to know: “What happens after?”


The second pair came from a little girl. Those hazel brown eyes belonged to a girl playing on the street in front of her house. Her parents were gone that time. They were not there that time when I called her and invited her for a snack. Such a foolish child to accept an offer from a complete stranger. As I dozed her with enough morphine to knock her out. As I dragged a brown sack in the middle of the woods and hang it in the branch of a leafless tree. As I smacked that sack with a metal bat. At first there came no sound. But soon a voice rang out. A voice of suffering, a voice of pain. I beat the sack again and again until the sound faded into hoarse whimpers of desperation. The bottom of the sack now dripping with crimson blood that glows with the light of the moon. Lowering and untying the sack, removing that little girl inside, I looked straight into her eyes. Those empty hazel brown eyes seem to insult my efforts to see something unseen before. The eyes of that breathless girl revealed nothing I want – to see: “What happens after?”


The third pair. Bright blue eyes, as blue as the sky. Full of hope, concern, warmth, and love. They belonged to a mother of four lovely children and a wife to a loving husband. She was out buying groceries for her hungry little ones. As I dragged an innocent, unconscious mother to a nearby pond. As I dipped her head in the cool murky water, she woke and tried to break free. But I was too strong for her. She struggled and strained as I kept her head submerged in the water. As I drowned her, the bubbling water seem to agitate more and more until it came to a point where the bubbling ripples subsided. When I felt that she was nearly dead I lifted her head and looked straight into her eyes. Those angry, vengeful, bright blue eyes seem to taunt me with a threat that can never be realized. I pushed her head back into the pond. This time I was sure I will get my answer. I lifted her head once more and saw nothing but lonely, lifeless eyes. Those eyes taunted me even more, never showing what I want – to witness: “What happens after?” 

(…) So it continued


Hundreds of different eyes.

I didn’t do it because I was hungry for blood! But for something far more… interesting. Now all those eyes screamed “Why?” all at once. Their silent noise puncturing my flesh, vibrating to my very bones. Each pair once belonged to a person. A victim. A victim of my insatiable curiosity.

“STOP!” I yelled.

The voices vanished but the eyes never disappeared. I now know they will not go away. They will be with me till the end.

Empty eyes that never gave me a reason to stop. Never gave me an answer. Eyes that never granted my request – to experience: “WHAT HAPPENS AFTER?”.


“E. lusive”



Wish of flesh fulfilled.

Ecstatic daughter of spring, your

elegance bring. Arrest me with

those eyes of the silver moon.


Did you not so alluringly

entrance me with your beauty?

Aesthetic orgasm of the Heart.

Did I not succumb so eagerly,

lost in your labyrinth of pity?

Youthful pulsation of Blood.


Longing for thy lips,

oblivious to your charming trap

veiled by that playful kiss.




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                                I dreamt a dream.

But this dream was unlike any of my other dreams. Somehow this dream was a lot more crimsoned to my eye. I opened my eyes. Blood… everywhere… covering my body from neck down. I screamed. No voice left my mouth. I felt a tinge of terror and, for some reason, excitement. A faceless figure stood in front of me. It was holding a bloodied knife. Where are they? I began calling their name. But as soon as the first syllable went out of my lips I stopped and shuddered at what I saw. Behind the faceless figure was my family. All of them sleeping… and drenched in blood. Each of them had a red gash on the throat.

“They’re never going to wake up. Are they?” I asked the figure in front of me. No reply. Then he slowly inched toward me. Even though he had no face I felt a cold chill as if he was looking at me with murderous eyes. I knew I was next. He was going to kill me. I screamed once more, this time my voice rang inside my ears. All I saw was the knife dripping with crimson blood, making it’s strike through my throat.

Then I woke up, startled. I looked around. I saw my family, still drowned in their own blood, visible red gashes in their throat still there. But where is he? I couldn’t find the faceless figure. It was later when I realized that I was not lying anymore. I was standing. I noticed something was tightly grasped by my hand. I glanced at my hand and saw the same bloodied knife that killed my family… only now I was holding it. “No… It couldn’t be… I wouldn’t… would I?”

I screamed.

Someone jolted me awake. It was my mother. I saw the rest of my family, sleeping but without the gashes and the blood. “You’re having a nightmare!” she said. Was it all a nightmare? I’m not sure. It felt real. “Go back to sleep.” she calmly said. I went back to bed and thought about the “(dream)” I just had. I felt terror at the back of my spine… and excitement. A crooked grim formed in my lips. I went back to sleep… this time… excited.

I closed my eyes.


An ICY wasteland,

Entombed crystals of despair

Where in DEATH awaits.