Monthly Archives: April 2014

“Death by the Alley”



Darkness creeps through every corner

my eyes couldn’t yet comprehend.

Repulsive stench of unwanted waste surround

what’s left of my existence: a dismembered body

of innocence tarnished with unholy hands

of a psychopath’s thirst. Silver rays from the sky

crawled through tiny cracks just to insult

my crimsoned body with their shine.

As if to reiterate their purity

with such sarcastic irony

of the heedful tone of a loved one.

Short memories flood my dreamscape  that would

comfort and torment me in the afterlife. Oh how

little time was in my hands, squandered away by a murderous strike.

Merciful Assassin! You know me not yet you still

gave in to your demonic desires. What my meek heart

could not grasp is the frailty of human flesh.

Fading, wilting, withering, escaping footholds of my soul

would let me decay in this putrid alley of my grave.

If I may be so brave to ask: If there be any reason behind your act,

Please let it be known to me… before I am lost.


“Once Before”



Where? where has

it all gone to?

Why, why did it

fade away? —

Born into a world

of metal skies and black soil.

Acquainted with every clang and

piercing whisper of iron against iron.

Billowing dark clouds blurring

the world Once Before, as if a

twisted kaleidoscope of rotten dreams.

Splendor washed away

by ambitious creations

of the world to be.

Turning all of reality

into a distorted face of the future. —

Hear! oh hear

the music of the Once Before.

The metronome beat of wings in the air,

filling the wind with melody of lore,

unknown to the Destroyers.

Witness the unveiled orchestra

of unfamiliar colors, singing in rhyme

with the Once Before.—

What was gone was forgotten.

But for how long will it end?

Can the incurable mend?…




“Silhouette of a Goddess”


Heavens collide where she trod
“Alluring luminescence of the night”
Purpose unknown to mortal mind
Pleasing still to wondering eyes
Youthful facade in the dimming dark.
Blessing to man, a patroness glow
Iridescent as a silver-laced flow
Rendering all with a powerless stare
To your beautiful ray of glimmering light
“Huntress of the solitary night”
Dissolving darkness with quiver and bow
As a stag prancing over each snare
Yonder ev’ry land you know.
Arrows tipped with silver rays
Raining shots that never miss
Truthful of the purpose unknown
Ending all sorrows with sudden bliss
“Mistress of the mysterious night”
In each deceiving dimmed darkness
Silhouette of a Goddess.