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Useless yet desired to be used.

Eternal words of a great world

where all are made of gold.

The last resort of a desperate breath,

to experience what was already lived through,

a pathetic expression ridiculed by Fate.



“Upbringer of the Wicked”

“Punisher of the Just”

What an ironic entity that only

serves to eradicate humanity

with its silver web of  lives,

soon to be blown away by lies, lies and more lies.



Heavenly sweet chants of perfection,

yet there is no such thing.

Promising a Forever of bliss,

yet it never comes to realization.

Still are words spoken by what we perceive

as the Gods of our lives, the Puppeteers

of this theatrical chaos.



The horizon to be met by all that moves,

Endgame of creation that seeks to murder

all those temporary lavishes of our despicable World.

Injecting us with poisons that taste sweet

but kills us in the aftermath. The only good thing that comes

to a Soul who gave up a long time ago,

because of those noble Angels.



Demons that hide their true from.

Behind their cloak of golden light

is a desire to crush the weak and kill the ugly.

What is not in their nature, they will destroy.

What is not in their likeness, they will not pity.

Merciless prosecutors of lowly Demons.



Woven into our soul, part of us caged within.

Desires that are named Sins.

Still desires of humans’ imperfect mirage.

Masks of Truth; Worms of Indulgence; Thorns of Love.



What is left now is to cower in fear before they come,

Or rather embrace them with open arms?