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“The Murderous Victim”


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He never saw it coming…

My mother said he would be very happy to see me for the very first time. I believed her and felt excited too. A tiny innocent smile played on my lips.

He would arrive at exactly 6:00 in the evening via bus so my mother and I waited at the bus stop for him. “Honk!!!” the bus finally came after what felt like a thousand years. Passengers hurriedly disembarked, leaving a blur of colourful suits and dresses. A man got off last. He was as tall as Mom, maybe two inches taller. He kissed her on the cheeks. He was wearing a long black trench coat that seemed to shine beneath the silver moon. His dark eyes glimmered underneath his fedora hat.

He glanced toward me and smiled.  A chill went up my spine and momentarily paralyzed my body. But I shook it off and smiled back. “Hello little lady!” he murmured as he kneeled in front of me. I can see his face now. It was unsettlingly pleasant. I remember seeing a grin just like that at the zoo. A lion was inching closer to his meal – a juicy steak. Then right before pouncing on its dinner, it smiled just like his smile.

Moments later we were inside a cab heading home. He and Mom seemed to know a lot about each other. They were sharing stories and glancing back and forth in my direction. I was quiet throughout the ride, figuring out who this man I was so excited to meet was.

Upon reaching our house, the cab halted to a sudden stop which made us all jerk forward. That’s when I noticed it… A suitcase that fell from the seat beside the man. I didn’t notice that before. Inside it was what seemed like a black metal cylinder that has a handle. The same chill from earlier crawled up my spine again, this time more petrifying.

After realizing what that mysterious thing was, I got off the cab quickly and went inside the house. With cold sweat I quickly grabbed the only thing in my mind and raced back toward the front door.

Too late. They were already opening the door. I closed my eyes, consumed by fear, and thrust my hand forward. The only thing I heard was a female scream. At first I thought it came from me but my mouth was shut tight. The next sound was a loud BANG! The sound forced my eyes to open. Pain surged through my body. I clutched my stomach and saw blood in my hands. I looked at the man in front of me, his dark eyes wide with anger… was it anger? My eyes were getting hazy. He was holding the metal cylinder I saw earlier. The gun was pointed at me, to the direction where I saw blood dripping from my waist.

One last look… the man had something in his eyes now. Were those tears? I couldn’t see clearly.  Where’s Mom? I crumpled to the floor. My own blood was now covering my body. My eyes closed.

I never saw it coming…