downloadI grab the key!

A long bony arm swoops down holding something glittering. Only when I see blood in my hands and one of my fingers missing do I howl with pain and notice the cleaver grasped by the same leathery hand.

Shhh!” echoes through the tiny, damp room.

Where am I? Cringing in pain, I survey my surroundings. Darkness everywhere. An iron cage, in which I am imprisoned. A silver key right in front of me outside my cage. That key will get me out of here. I look at my right hand, and seeing that one finger has been cut off, I realize it’s not going to be easy to get out. I can’t see the bony arm anymore, completely hidden in the dark, making it its fortress.

“Who’s there?” I try to ask.

Shhh!” replies the darkness, or whoever is in that darkness.

I grab the key once more, this time more careful. As expected, the bony arm comes swooping down again with the cleaver now streaked with blood. I jerk my hand back into the safety of the cage, barely missing the cleaver. How many days has it been? Two…Three…I lost count.

“Who are you? Why am I here?!” I shout, now with fear in my voice.

Shhh!!” the same reply.

“Show yourself!” I press on, daring the barbaric creature behind the blanket of darkness.

As if on cue, a small light bulb flicker on and off, the light slowly revealing the mysterious figure in the dark. Looking at the creature in front of me, I am fazed with terror as, glimpse by glimpse, I see what the creature looks like. It looks just like me, only worse. It’s bony and leathery arms, connected to a grotesque body with fresh gashes and rotting flesh. It’s head seems molten, as if doused with acid. It’s eyes are crimson red with black marks inside it. The chair it’s sitting on looks regal and shiny as if made of pure gold, which didn’t complement the creature itself. It’s like the monster version of me.

How can this be?…Is it me?…Of course not…It can’t be me…Or can it?…Do I have a twin?…I know I don’t…Then maybe it really is…No it can’t be…

            “Shhh!!!” the creature utters. Then the light fades out. A scream!!!


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