Monthly Archives: December 2014

“A Woman Cries for Me”


This woman cries for me,

though the reason know not I.

Her tears flowing down

in rivers clear as sky.

Eyes weary and sad,

Lips tight with pain

Is she angry? Is she mad?

Or simply going insane?

This woman cries for me,

like somebody just died.

A¬†memory that annoys me –

I wish she hadn’t cried.

Her hands shake when they hold mine.

Her breath breaks when she speaks,

with three little words that seem distant

and incomprehensible at the time.

This woman cries for me,

and the reason still won’t come.

Then I remember suddenly,

I only had time for “Goodbye Mom!”.


“I Can Now See in Colors”


I can now see in colors,

and colors can see me too.

Most often do I see those as calm as me –

Such as Violet, Green, and Blue.

I can also see those striking with regal pose

like Silver, Gold, and Red.

Of course there’s Yellow, Orange, and Pink too.

The cheery ones I would never forget.

Then come the extravagant ones –

Apricot, Caribbean, Fuchsia, and Lilac.

Yet now I feel, in the midst of it all,

I miss old friends White and Black.

“Love on Bended Knees”


How I lingered, waiting for your return

yet even time can’t foretell how you betrayed

my heart and left it to shrivel up in my own

sorrows. Why it can’t heal despite its overwhelming need

to feel repaired once more. Turning to stone but still

insisting on a forgotten promise swept by falling stars,

What despicable residue of passion you squeezed from me –

the love you tarnished with shattered dreams. Where did

it remain after the apocalypse? Who can this monster be?

Is it him?… Or her?… Or me? If only the past could relive itself,

maybe then would thinking of it hurt less. When will you return and

undo this catastrophe?

Hopeless it may seem to be…