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“Bibliophile” A Reader’s POV


I opened you once

in a trance.

I believed you could dance with me.

The humble shelf could

not hide your brilliance!

So resilient was I at the start,

boldly enduring the cold, I seldom complained

yet I was never strange.

The time I left you, tore something from me.

A page.

A memory.

I didn’t understand, pretending you had a back up plan…

It’s been two weeks

I feel ashamed for the action I’ve proclaimed

to be just fine.

Though it hurts I couldn’t help but remember the time

when I look at you like that.

I feel your pages invading my mind

Though nothing you say can make me open you once again.

Then I realized

When we dance so close

I feel less ALONE.


“I Did Not Love You”


I did not love you!

Who could possibly have?

I did not intend for this to happen,

yet here it is!

staring back at our blank faces.

We met and talked and laid on top of a hill under a starry night.

Though the moon was nowhere to be seen we were

contented with the stars… Just the stars! —

Yes, we kissed for a moment that ALMOST seemed like a year.

But I did not love you!

We got lost in our own little fantasy of silver linings

and candlelit sanctuaries. You enjoyed it… I did too.

Those fleeting hours wrenched us from reality, robbed our sights

till we couldn’t see even the simplest fact that I did not love YOU!

Behind the shadow of a doubt maybe YOU loved me…

maybe YOU captivated me, enchanted me, swept me off my feet,

caressed, embraced, kissed, warmed this cold heart.  —

But I NEVER loved you! —