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“What It Hides But Can’t Tell”



(o) Whoat  a foragoile ophroasoe —

Sometimes the 20/18/21/20/8

Mostly just a speech 6/9/12/12/5/18.

Yet with these bitter thoughts,

no one can escape from,

is the void of unspeakable sentences.

Murmurs of the ❤ — too pretentious to reveal.

So people are content with 143.

(For when A becomes B and B becomes C)


is better than 143.


“Ad Infinitum”

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You left…

I searched…

Found out the past was but a ghost

and that ghost would not find me.

At first, thought I, you just passed by.

Cared less or not at all of this broken soul.

Sweet ghost! Tell me what we used to be

or if there’s a “WE” at all.

I kept knocking on heaven’s door,

waiting for words to answer my prayers

till the clouds would not let me through —

Why? asked I… is it my faith?

But I have lots to spare… for you!

You who couldn’t hear my call.

So I made my silent cry, and it was the loudest of all.

I cried not because I loved you…

I cried because I can’t live without you.

You left… I searched… ad infinitum



In the stillness…

Chaos erupts!

Like wildfires, scattering

with the screams of the wounded.

Plane crashes.

Buildings collapse burying

the souls we might

(or might not) recognize.

Ashes rain down,

painting the crimson sky

with blotches of gray dust.

Silence shouts sheer destruction.

In the stillness…

Chaos pervades!

Yet you and I remain