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“If Words Fail”

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If Words Fail…

then please don’t read this.

Continue not what you’re doing for

everything senseless it holds.

If my lips would part yet no sound

echoes, by all means shut those curtain folds.

If the sun shines, and the moon beams.

If the wind whispers while nightingales sing

yet the loudest noise I make nothing…

Then please, LISTEN TO THIS —

Listen to how my hands hold yours,

how my arms embrace your entirety.

Listen to how my eyes gaze upon your soul

in moments your hair brushes my cheeks.

Listen to how I smell without perfume or how my

cooking tastes in our picnics under the stars.

Listen to every kiss, every smile, every hug, every day.

Listen to where you hid my heart and I yours.

Because If Words Fail… these would tell you which way.


“A Monologue: Puzzle to a Child”

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Let me tell you something… And I’m going to tell you in a complicated manner just so I could get back at you for those times you complicate my life…

I was never complete. Si! Lo sabia desde el principio. I know I have missing pieces which may nunca be found tambien. Then you came… You came and promised to fix me up. To somehow make me whole again (even though I knew it was not true) But I still believed. C’est l’amour I guess. I fell in love with those honey-glazed palabras. T’was somewhat obtuse of thee to make a stipulation which I apparently couldn’t chide. So there you were, staying by my side all day long as hours pass by. Dusk set in and you are unrelentingly putting me together as if t’was brillig still in this raum we call “friendship”. At first I refuse to believe why you would be with someone like me who couldn’t even figure out himself. Yet you tried and tried and tried and… well you get the idea.

Then at the fortnight only few pieces were left to be placed… You searched day and night till at last fifteen days have passed and yet you have not completed me. Before the night ended you simply gave up… not wanting to complete me anymore. La mort de votre promesse –  as I had expected but not hoped for. Lo siento! though I know du versuchtest your best. This puzzle that simply was once almost complete was dismantled and fundamentalmente put back to what it used to be. Nothing changed… Thank you for trying though. I enjoyed our time together. 🙂

“Literary (De)Criticism”

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Would FEMINISTS still fight for the “she”?

can MARXISTS fight at all?

One has to wonder if the FANTASTIC

retains its mystery, or if the world possesses


Are the FORMALISTS still elite?

Or will the grandeur transfer to mere PRE- CRIT?

Many would ask if EXISTENTIALISTS dare bask

of their nonchalance, or will Freudian PSYCHOLOGY

explain every happenstance.

Will MYTHOLOGICAL ARCHETYPES crumble into forgotten ruins?

Will STRUCTURALISTS insist on the surface of words

though words are of no value at all?

Such a waste if ROMANTICS would loose their taste

for beauty. And if actions are of without PHILOSOPHICALLY MORAL

measures, Is survival possible for people

with POST-MODERN stature?