Monthly Archives: May 2015

“R.I.P. Grammar”


This poem could held so many things

That might persuade you as my lover for me.

However no matter confused you can

on reading these poem, I is only trying to reach

your heart with words I almost say perfect.

Hope your understanding how hard for me

to write poetry and accuracy spilling from my eyes.



Even the stars shines on this unpleasing attempt

to adore you. The night sky feeled with moonlight

are giving it’s warmfull coldness to embrace us,

placing us closer with each other.

I wish that laugh your making now when you reads this

is the laugh you will maked if we was real.



If only you was the grammar at the sentences by me,

what a perfect poem this would be.


“Temptation of the Quill”




Sliver of sunshine…

Shadows dancing to and fro…

Random thoughts coming out

from the folds of my morning haze.

In such days do my quill

get up faster than I would.

Words and phrases, fragments and pieces

swim to the shores of my mind,

dripping through the quill in colorful strokes.

Warm blankets…

Cup of coffee by the bedside…

Books stacked in a shelf…

Another by my side…

Enslaved by the quill,

one by one I paint,

as my dream comes to life

in a painting of words.