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The Art of Loving: A Narcissist’s POV


If your eyes are windows to your soul,

I would cross a thousand rivers just to have a peek because

they are just divine, so surreal, so beautiful they

are almost as good as mine!

That hair like flowing silk in a cotton meadow,

the wind swooning for every strand.

Perhaps the softest next to mine!

Those lips, oh how they curl every mundane word

into love letters, nearly in par with mine!

Which brings me to your voice – that melody

of thoughts patched into sweet dreams, an aria longing to be sung.

Nothing could exceed your voice, except mine!

Don’t get me wrong.

It’s not that I don’t adore every bit of you.

It’s just that I love a bit more of me, which might not agree

with what you want to hear. But darling it’s somehow unfair

if I would cross rivers for you but wouldn’t dare to jump a puddle for me.

If I would dive and swim for your heart without caring if I would drown.

Or if a frown you make will take my happiness away.

I would risk my life for you, but keep in mind that I treasure it too.

Call me narcissistic or self-obsessed but a one-sided thing for me is a mess.

So don’t stress if I give you a mirror for your birthday

because I want you to know that loving someone is part of it,

but loving yourself is the point of it all.

I LOVE YOU whoever you are.

I LOVE YOU MORE reflection in the mirror!