Monthly Archives: October 2016

“Dance of the Dandelions”


When the world focused on us

mere creation’s display.

Our hearts beat as one

on that faithful day.


The sun glinted by and

touched our fragile wings.

The day that fondest memories

I always thought would bring.


Time witnessed our flight,

Fate choreographed our dance.

Through valleys, meadows, and fields

we took our final stance.


At first we swayed with the wind

and dramatically bowed to the trees.

God paid attention once or twice

then left us to the breeze.


We know not when or how it will come –

this waltz’s last melody.

We took for granted day-like minutes

passing oh so carelessly.


Our joyous laugh the wind hurriedly hid

beyond its boisterous fray.

Quickly, we fell out of sync

as our hands let go that day.


Only a frightful moment’s glance

did nature give to me.

As I was swept to the clouds

I saw the soil embrace thee.


I tried to search the heavens

for answers to ifs and why.

Never knowing that in the ground

all those answers lie.


I faintly heard the music fade

I hope that you did too.

For in your absence these memories

will keep me close to you.


When the world focused on us

mere creation’s display.

Our dance both ended and began

on that faithful day.