“If Voices are for the Strong”



In this age of spoken truths each one is entitled to something.

“To speak or not to speak more” that is the question:

though answers outnumber questions these days –

and answers hold more secrets than lies.

For what you know must be heard and what others believe

must be tuned out.

Each soul has a voice and what we do with it is our choice.

Fight for what we must tell,

or hold it in and listen first.

Rather than seek the truth we stand stubbornly firm for ours.

Rarely do we pause and think of what others might say.

Day by day we grow more confident of what we know:

yet too much confidence is arrogance and too much arrogance is pride.

If voices are for the strong then Hercules has one too.

Just as well his pride is his flaw.


And if we see the world as black and white

where will the other colors be?

Now all our senses work the same and what we feel is what we see

and what we see is what we speak of.

What we speak of is what we must hear.

Will we lose our silence and be strong men?

What then? All of us battling an eternal stalemate?

If voices are for the strong it’ll only be a contest of who can say the most.

All we do is boast our thoughts as if we are on top of the mountain,

shouting until everyone below gets caught up in our avalanche.

I praise those who stay silent. Not because they want peace.

But because they are fighting this war inside of them first before choosing a side.

They hold it in and listen first to find the absolute truth and wait for the time to chime in.

For if voices are for the strong men…

then silence is for the invincible.



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