woman-free-flying-sunset-birds-wallpapers_41824_1920x1080.jpgI never thought I’d fall in love with a valkyrie.

For we ephemeral beings rarely love after death. Yet there I was proving the universe wrong. Before love there was life and death. We detest death because we think it malicious to end all. And like rose petals we take life’s beauty for granted. Most believe that love is somewhere in between, waiting, wanting to be found. If time caught up we throw our faith and give in to death. That is what I did. But there I was…

There was no gunshot. There was no car crash. No last words before a final exhale. Only life… death… and… I was swept and carried through the clouds. This majestic angel in flowing silk and feathered wings came unnoticed. A shadow I never thought was trailing me long ago. What is there after death? we ask. I would say this valkyrie who showed me the painted colors above the clouds. Who slipped happiness and contentment in my soul like a drug. This silhouette made of sun’s rays. Warmth and all. Who knew that death could hold so much beauty?

“Have you done this before?” I found the courage to inquire.

The angel only smiled. It was answer enough for a lifetime. Us mortals only lavish on a lifetime. Yet this creature who carefully flew me over the world lived a hundred. Nature would laugh at me if I dared not love this valkyrie. Who would love us after death? We only scratch the surface of the concept. Love in many ways is death. Death in many ways is life. Only fools would separate them. Meaningless is life without death and both are hollow without love. Philosophers would exhaust it. Poets would over analyze. Lovers would exploit it.

This valkyrie simply embodied it. And in that blink of an eye I told my angel, “I would love you until my next death.”

and we were gone… I never thought I’d fall in love with a valkyrie.


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