“A Victim of my Poetry”


You will one day find yourself

entrapped in a rope of syllables.

Each letter digging into your bones

claiming you as theirs.

You will someday fall into an endless sleep

listening to melodious phrases

too sweet for your taste.

Your body, paralyzed and lying

on a mattress of painted words ever-changing.

Your twists and turns will only wrap

my blankets of rhymes and rhythms closer

to your heart.

You are a victim,

a hypnotized accomplice of my poetic injustice,

a beauty cursed with my enchantment.

You are a tightrope walker weighing heart and mind as

you cross the line.

And if Fate was a sadist she will make you love me.

I will keep you in my menagerie of thoughts and dreams.

Keep still. Don’t move a muscle.

Like quicksand my art will pass you by unharmed.

Keep your heart intact at all times

as my syllables unwind.

Like a circus my musings will distract you for a day

and desert you by night.

This is how you leave…

This is how you escape my poetry…

If Fate was righteous.



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