” “



drapes over my mind in every memory of you.

When the hush of silence crowds my ears

your voice, clear, I hear.

You who touched my heart without breaking it

like wineglass in cotton: your memory tries to escape me.

Something must have shattered between our distance

but one glance from you plasters it shut.

I could not look into your eyes

without bringing your soul in my embrace.

Could not hold your hands but not choke you

with my words.

What passed between us is etched to my history.

Might it never return, I content myself with your memory.

Like orchestra my heart plays your music.

I will never utter words for words are my weapons.

I will now think of bizarre music when I remember you.

I realize what brought me to you is the same bizarreness in me.

Like colorful stained glass, we used bizarre with beauty.

We matched our footsteps and synced our breaths.

This day is yours and your memory is mine.

As how the sun and moon have never met.

Only chased after.

Doesn’t matter who started which.

In the end all is well.




















Thank you.



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