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downloadI grab the key!

A long bony arm swoops down holding something glittering. Only when I see blood in my hands and one of my fingers missing do I howl with pain and notice the cleaver grasped by the same leathery hand.

Shhh!” echoes through the tiny, damp room.

Where am I? Cringing in pain, I survey my surroundings. Darkness everywhere. An iron cage, in which I am imprisoned. A silver key right in front of me outside my cage. That key will get me out of here. I look at my right hand, and seeing that one finger has been cut off, I realize it’s not going to be easy to get out. I can’t see the bony arm anymore, completely hidden in the dark, making it its fortress.

“Who’s there?” I try to ask.

Shhh!” replies the darkness, or whoever is in that darkness.

I grab the key once more, this time more careful. As expected, the bony arm comes swooping down again with the cleaver now streaked with blood. I jerk my hand back into the safety of the cage, barely missing the cleaver. How many days has it been? Two…Three…I lost count.

“Who are you? Why am I here?!” I shout, now with fear in my voice.

Shhh!!” the same reply.

“Show yourself!” I press on, daring the barbaric creature behind the blanket of darkness.

As if on cue, a small light bulb flicker on and off, the light slowly revealing the mysterious figure in the dark. Looking at the creature in front of me, I am fazed with terror as, glimpse by glimpse, I see what the creature looks like. It looks just like me, only worse. It’s bony and leathery arms, connected to a grotesque body with fresh gashes and rotting flesh. It’s head seems molten, as if doused with acid. It’s eyes are crimson red with black marks inside it. The chair it’s sitting on looks regal and shiny as if made of pure gold, which didn’t complement the creature itself. It’s like the monster version of me.

How can this be?…Is it me?…Of course not…It can’t be me…Or can it?…Do I have a twin?…I know I don’t…Then maybe it really is…No it can’t be…

            “Shhh!!!” the creature utters. Then the light fades out. A scream!!!


“The Murderous Victim”


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He never saw it coming…

My mother said he would be very happy to see me for the very first time. I believed her and felt excited too. A tiny innocent smile played on my lips.

He would arrive at exactly 6:00 in the evening via bus so my mother and I waited at the bus stop for him. “Honk!!!” the bus finally came after what felt like a thousand years. Passengers hurriedly disembarked, leaving a blur of colourful suits and dresses. A man got off last. He was as tall as Mom, maybe two inches taller. He kissed her on the cheeks. He was wearing a long black trench coat that seemed to shine beneath the silver moon. His dark eyes glimmered underneath his fedora hat.

He glanced toward me and smiled.  A chill went up my spine and momentarily paralyzed my body. But I shook it off and smiled back. “Hello little lady!” he murmured as he kneeled in front of me. I can see his face now. It was unsettlingly pleasant. I remember seeing a grin just like that at the zoo. A lion was inching closer to his meal – a juicy steak. Then right before pouncing on its dinner, it smiled just like his smile.

Moments later we were inside a cab heading home. He and Mom seemed to know a lot about each other. They were sharing stories and glancing back and forth in my direction. I was quiet throughout the ride, figuring out who this man I was so excited to meet was.

Upon reaching our house, the cab halted to a sudden stop which made us all jerk forward. That’s when I noticed it… A suitcase that fell from the seat beside the man. I didn’t notice that before. Inside it was what seemed like a black metal cylinder that has a handle. The same chill from earlier crawled up my spine again, this time more petrifying.

After realizing what that mysterious thing was, I got off the cab quickly and went inside the house. With cold sweat I quickly grabbed the only thing in my mind and raced back toward the front door.

Too late. They were already opening the door. I closed my eyes, consumed by fear, and thrust my hand forward. The only thing I heard was a female scream. At first I thought it came from me but my mouth was shut tight. The next sound was a loud BANG! The sound forced my eyes to open. Pain surged through my body. I clutched my stomach and saw blood in my hands. I looked at the man in front of me, his dark eyes wide with anger… was it anger? My eyes were getting hazy. He was holding the metal cylinder I saw earlier. The gun was pointed at me, to the direction where I saw blood dripping from my waist.

One last look… the man had something in his eyes now. Were those tears? I couldn’t see clearly.  Where’s Mom? I crumpled to the floor. My own blood was now covering my body. My eyes closed.

I never saw it coming…


3:33 P.M.

She called…

I answered…

We agreed to meet at the same coffee shop earlier.

“I am so excited!” — she said.

“See you later.” — I replied.

8:13 P.M.

We met… we talked.

She had fun.

10:45 P.M.

We went to my house…

I poured some wine… and something else.

She fell asleep at the first sip…

I looked at her for a second… Her eyes. Her lips. Her neck. Her black hair. Her red dress.

11:03 P.M.


3:33 A.M.

I knelt…

I prayed…

I went to sleep…

8:13 A.M.

I passed by the same coffee shop…

Sirens, flashes of red and blue…

A crowd was huddled at the door frame…

Cops asking the question: “Where is she?”

I whispered to myself, “Forgive me!”

” … “

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Hundreds of different eyes.

Lonely eyes. Sad, unaware, confused, misty, murderous, spiteful, devilish eyes. Empty eyes. All of them staring right at me. They seem to be looking through my very soul, penetrating my inmost being with every look of disgust, hatred, and hopelessness, asking without a hint of irony: “Why?”. Each pair once belonged to a person. A victim. A victim of my insatiable curiosity. A lustful musing on the unanswered. “What happens after?”

The first pair came from a drunk man in the streets. As I slashed his throat mercilessly. All the blood dripping from that irreversible wound, a metallic tang of aroma coupled with the sulfurous stench from the alcohol. As I held his body tightly and listened to his moan of pain. Drenched in his blood, sheathing the very knife I used to kill him, I looked straight into his eyes. Those confused black eyes seem to mock me, as if they didn’t know what’s happening. But the truth is it was in front of him – in plain sight. He was dying. I stood, waiting for something. Something seemingly incomprehensible. Something to fulfill my unanswered wish – to know: “What happens after?”


The second pair came from a little girl. Those hazel brown eyes belonged to a girl playing on the street in front of her house. Her parents were gone that time. They were not there that time when I called her and invited her for a snack. Such a foolish child to accept an offer from a complete stranger. As I dozed her with enough morphine to knock her out. As I dragged a brown sack in the middle of the woods and hang it in the branch of a leafless tree. As I smacked that sack with a metal bat. At first there came no sound. But soon a voice rang out. A voice of suffering, a voice of pain. I beat the sack again and again until the sound faded into hoarse whimpers of desperation. The bottom of the sack now dripping with crimson blood that glows with the light of the moon. Lowering and untying the sack, removing that little girl inside, I looked straight into her eyes. Those empty hazel brown eyes seem to insult my efforts to see something unseen before. The eyes of that breathless girl revealed nothing I want – to see: “What happens after?”


The third pair. Bright blue eyes, as blue as the sky. Full of hope, concern, warmth, and love. They belonged to a mother of four lovely children and a wife to a loving husband. She was out buying groceries for her hungry little ones. As I dragged an innocent, unconscious mother to a nearby pond. As I dipped her head in the cool murky water, she woke and tried to break free. But I was too strong for her. She struggled and strained as I kept her head submerged in the water. As I drowned her, the bubbling water seem to agitate more and more until it came to a point where the bubbling ripples subsided. When I felt that she was nearly dead I lifted her head and looked straight into her eyes. Those angry, vengeful, bright blue eyes seem to taunt me with a threat that can never be realized. I pushed her head back into the pond. This time I was sure I will get my answer. I lifted her head once more and saw nothing but lonely, lifeless eyes. Those eyes taunted me even more, never showing what I want – to witness: “What happens after?” 

(…) So it continued


Hundreds of different eyes.

I didn’t do it because I was hungry for blood! But for something far more… interesting. Now all those eyes screamed “Why?” all at once. Their silent noise puncturing my flesh, vibrating to my very bones. Each pair once belonged to a person. A victim. A victim of my insatiable curiosity.

“STOP!” I yelled.

The voices vanished but the eyes never disappeared. I now know they will not go away. They will be with me till the end.

Empty eyes that never gave me a reason to stop. Never gave me an answer. Eyes that never granted my request – to experience: “WHAT HAPPENS AFTER?”.



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                                I dreamt a dream.

But this dream was unlike any of my other dreams. Somehow this dream was a lot more crimsoned to my eye. I opened my eyes. Blood… everywhere… covering my body from neck down. I screamed. No voice left my mouth. I felt a tinge of terror and, for some reason, excitement. A faceless figure stood in front of me. It was holding a bloodied knife. Where are they? I began calling their name. But as soon as the first syllable went out of my lips I stopped and shuddered at what I saw. Behind the faceless figure was my family. All of them sleeping… and drenched in blood. Each of them had a red gash on the throat.

“They’re never going to wake up. Are they?” I asked the figure in front of me. No reply. Then he slowly inched toward me. Even though he had no face I felt a cold chill as if he was looking at me with murderous eyes. I knew I was next. He was going to kill me. I screamed once more, this time my voice rang inside my ears. All I saw was the knife dripping with crimson blood, making it’s strike through my throat.

Then I woke up, startled. I looked around. I saw my family, still drowned in their own blood, visible red gashes in their throat still there. But where is he? I couldn’t find the faceless figure. It was later when I realized that I was not lying anymore. I was standing. I noticed something was tightly grasped by my hand. I glanced at my hand and saw the same bloodied knife that killed my family… only now I was holding it. “No… It couldn’t be… I wouldn’t… would I?”

I screamed.

Someone jolted me awake. It was my mother. I saw the rest of my family, sleeping but without the gashes and the blood. “You’re having a nightmare!” she said. Was it all a nightmare? I’m not sure. It felt real. “Go back to sleep.” she calmly said. I went back to bed and thought about the “(dream)” I just had. I felt terror at the back of my spine… and excitement. A crooked grim formed in my lips. I went back to sleep… this time… excited.

I closed my eyes.