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“To the Girl I’ve Never Met Before”


I know you’re tired.

Tired of hearing empty words as if

every wretched day was built from useless scraps

and broken glass dressed as diamonds in the rough.

As if every “beautiful” and “fine” weren’t enough

to compliment what’s on the outside as they often

ignore what’s inside – which I’m sure you cherish more.

And even though I’ve never met you before

I feel like I should tell you a boatload of things

which might capsize and sink if left unsaid.

Yet what I dread is the fact that I might become what you hate the most.

All those men who have looked at you and saw

not you, but a prize they want to claim. As if the aim

is to see who the toughest is by winning your hand, and winning your

heart is just a bonus game. Every man who had held your hips

like a girdle – each finger like iron clasps, tightening till you

can breathe no more. Perhaps it’s just me but don’t you see

that they hurt you more than they give beauty to you. Those men

no different than cheap make-up who promise to make you feel beautiful

without even knowing that you don’t need them at all. Then one day

you’d call your best friend and tell her it’s not working. She’d tell you

maybe you’re using it wrong but she doesn’t know you’re not talking about

the make-up anymore. You are tired of all the presents, all the praises, all the letters

and chocolate boxes and flowers and cute pet names like “Honey”, “Darling”,

“Cupcake”,  “Cutiepie”, “Bae”. They think they make you feel special but you

end up looking like a dog that they own, or someone who got into a car accident.

Everyday must be your birthday because you’d wake up drowned

in a sea of tangible things. Every hug might be filled with malice, every kiss with lust.

Those men who think they must give you everything in the world but

fail to ask you what you want the most. To prove their love they would promise

to lasso the moon for you never knowing that you don’t want the moon.

You want the little stars surrounding it.

Those men who say you complete them

as if you are a puzzle piece never meant to be whole without them. And so they

blurt out every cliche they could think of and spit it on your face.

They think of ways to make you say YES. Just that one word.

As if your heart is tied to that YES and they could pull your heart out the

moment you approve. For them your love is just a word, not a sentence,

not a paragraph, not even a story. What matters is the trophy

they could win after a game of arm wrestle. Those men who promise

to take you to a magical world filled with colors and beauty.

Yet once you agree to follow them, they lead you to a dark, monochromatic

alley and take what their bodies need from you. Then some will leave you,

like a broken mirror that can’t reflect beauty anymore. You keep trying

to piece yourself together but end up more broken than you ever were.

Others might stay. But they will chain you to that colorless alley, forgetting that distant wonderland.

And so your hands crack and form callouses from days spent working just to feed that

bump on your belly. And what really pains you the most is that they told

you to take it out, shouting “That’s not mine!”

Although I’ve never met you before, and maybe I will never do,

let me tell you a boatload of things you already knew.

Even though all of these happened to you – every hug, every kiss, every word,

every promise, no one can make you feel more special than you.

To the girl I’ve never met before, It was a great try.

But let’s start again. Hi my name  is Hope, what’s yours?






“Tainted Midnight”


Midnight air swirls ’round those still awake.

Its wonder might’ve encased the souls of the tainted.

Much ado about nothing a tainted soul feels.

Yet beneath silken sheets that soul reawakened.

Twilight warns of dark hours awaiting nocturnal souls.

Useless! for it was extinguished by flames

of memory these souls could not set free.

How many would wish to be awakened

by the mysterious tainted midnight

for they do not know what monsters it expertly hides.

“A Woman Cries for Me”


This woman cries for me,

though the reason know not I.

Her tears flowing down

in rivers clear as sky.

Eyes weary and sad,

Lips tight with pain

Is she angry? Is she mad?

Or simply going insane?

This woman cries for me,

like somebody just died.

A memory that annoys me –

I wish she hadn’t cried.

Her hands shake when they hold mine.

Her breath breaks when she speaks,

with three little words that seem distant

and incomprehensible at the time.

This woman cries for me,

and the reason still won’t come.

Then I remember suddenly,

I only had time for “Goodbye Mom!”.

“I Can Now See in Colors”


I can now see in colors,

and colors can see me too.

Most often do I see those as calm as me –

Such as Violet, Green, and Blue.

I can also see those striking with regal pose

like Silver, Gold, and Red.

Of course there’s Yellow, Orange, and Pink too.

The cheery ones I would never forget.

Then come the extravagant ones –

Apricot, Caribbean, Fuchsia, and Lilac.

Yet now I feel, in the midst of it all,

I miss old friends White and Black.

“Love on Bended Knees”


How I lingered, waiting for your return

yet even time can’t foretell how you betrayed

my heart and left it to shrivel up in my own

sorrows. Why it can’t heal despite its overwhelming need

to feel repaired once more. Turning to stone but still

insisting on a forgotten promise swept by falling stars,

What despicable residue of passion you squeezed from me –

the love you tarnished with shattered dreams. Where did

it remain after the apocalypse? Who can this monster be?

Is it him?… Or her?… Or me? If only the past could relive itself,

maybe then would thinking of it hurt less. When will you return and

undo this catastrophe?

Hopeless it may seem to be…


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Useless yet desired to be used.

Eternal words of a great world

where all are made of gold.

The last resort of a desperate breath,

to experience what was already lived through,

a pathetic expression ridiculed by Fate.



“Upbringer of the Wicked”

“Punisher of the Just”

What an ironic entity that only

serves to eradicate humanity

with its silver web of  lives,

soon to be blown away by lies, lies and more lies.



Heavenly sweet chants of perfection,

yet there is no such thing.

Promising a Forever of bliss,

yet it never comes to realization.

Still are words spoken by what we perceive

as the Gods of our lives, the Puppeteers

of this theatrical chaos.



The horizon to be met by all that moves,

Endgame of creation that seeks to murder

all those temporary lavishes of our despicable World.

Injecting us with poisons that taste sweet

but kills us in the aftermath. The only good thing that comes

to a Soul who gave up a long time ago,

because of those noble Angels.



Demons that hide their true from.

Behind their cloak of golden light

is a desire to crush the weak and kill the ugly.

What is not in their nature, they will destroy.

What is not in their likeness, they will not pity.

Merciless prosecutors of lowly Demons.



Woven into our soul, part of us caged within.

Desires that are named Sins.

Still desires of humans’ imperfect mirage.

Masks of Truth; Worms of Indulgence; Thorns of Love.



What is left now is to cower in fear before they come,

Or rather embrace them with open arms?




“The Cost of a Priceless Heart”

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Who am I to dwell into the abyss

of a wretched emotion such as Love?

That which so mercilessly murdered all

hopes and fantasies of a tormented soul.

Which stings every sentiment with false perceptions

of a world made to perfection

with a single phrase of delusion.


What am I compared to the cosmic malevolence

of a distasteful emotion such as Love?

That which begs to be felt but not understood.

Which grows around a humble heart like vines,

creeping around until the right moment,

then crushes it’s prey with forceful constriction

that splatters blood out of circulation,

rendering the body beyond restoration.


How do I placate myself whilst holding

a brutal emotion such as Love?

That which completes my being, only

to shatter it into pieces once more.

Which strives to perpetrate a crime

of consequential destruction

because of its own parasitic volition

to vanquish every other emotion



Why did I see only its Beauty from the start?

Only to be killed by the cost of a PRICELESS HEART.


“Once Before”



Where? where has

it all gone to?

Why, why did it

fade away? —

Born into a world

of metal skies and black soil.

Acquainted with every clang and

piercing whisper of iron against iron.

Billowing dark clouds blurring

the world Once Before, as if a

twisted kaleidoscope of rotten dreams.

Splendor washed away

by ambitious creations

of the world to be.

Turning all of reality

into a distorted face of the future. —

Hear! oh hear

the music of the Once Before.

The metronome beat of wings in the air,

filling the wind with melody of lore,

unknown to the Destroyers.

Witness the unveiled orchestra

of unfamiliar colors, singing in rhyme

with the Once Before.—

What was gone was forgotten.

But for how long will it end?

Can the incurable mend?…

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“Death by the Alley”



Darkness creeps through every corner

my eyes couldn’t yet comprehend.

Repulsive stench of unwanted waste surround

what’s left of my existence: a dismembered body

of innocence tarnished with unholy hands

of a psychopath’s thirst. Silver rays from the sky

crawled through tiny cracks just to insult

my crimsoned body with their shine.

As if to reiterate their purity

with such sarcastic irony

of the heedful tone of a loved one.

Short memories flood my dreamscape  that would

comfort and torment me in the afterlife. Oh how

little time was in my hands, squandered away by a murderous strike.

Merciful Assassin! You know me not yet you still

gave in to your demonic desires. What my meek heart

could not grasp is the frailty of human flesh.

Fading, wilting, withering, escaping footholds of my soul

would let me decay in this putrid alley of my grave.

If I may be so brave to…

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“E. lusive”




Wish of flesh fulfilled.

Ecstatic daughter of spring, your

elegance bring. Arrest me with

those eyes of the silver moon.

Did you not so alluringly

entrance me with your beauty?

Aesthetic orgasm of the Heart.

Did I not succumb so eagerly,

lost in your labyrinth of pity?

Youthful pulsation of Blood.

Longing for thy lips,

oblivious to your charming trap

veiled by that playful kiss.



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